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Cristi Lawton, Executive Director

As The Network’s Executive Director, Ms. Lawton provides leadership for the organization’s operations. She has more than a dozen years of experience helping nonprofit organizations meet and exceed their goals, including holding senior fundraising and management positions at several nonprofit organizations. In addition, she has worked for local and state government. She has both a BS degree in Psychology and a master’s degree from the University of Virginia. Cristi is a proud mother of three children and enjoys life in the suburbs with her family and several pets.


Dina Blythe, Homicide Survivor Support Group Coordinator

Ms. Blythe is honored to work with all the great victim/witness personnel and mental health clinicians around the state to coordinate support group services for co-victims of homicide. Dina has worked in the human services field for 20+ years, specializing in prevention and direct services to domestic violence and child abuse survivors.


Kim Flournoy DiJoseph, Project & Training Coordinator

Kim Flournoy DiJoseph, M.S.W. has engaged in 25+ years of work with, and for, victims at just about every point on the professional trauma continuum with an emphasis on trauma across the developmental lifespan and vicarious trauma. Most recently, Kim transitioned from 7 years as an associate professor in teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Social Work to her current, part-time role as the project and training coordinator for the Virginia Victim Assistance Network. Kim is also a writer, wife, and mother with a Richmond-based intuitive-centered healing practice.


Kate Hanger, Victim Assist Helpline & Human Trafficking Infoline Coordinator

As the Victim Assist Helpline and Human Trafficking Infoline Coordinator, Ms. Hanger provides victims of crime with much needed resources and support. Kate has more than 15 years of experience working for nonprofit organizations in the Richmond area, specifically in community outreach and education. She received her BS in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University and studied Counseling at Marymount University. Kate is a city girl living the country life with her husband and two daughters.

Sarah Okolita

Sarah Okolita, Legal Services Coordinator

Sarah Okolita, M.S.W. has supported and uplifted rural survivors of domestic and sexual violence as a professional advocate for nearly ten years. She is excited to serve victims and survivors of all crimes across the Commonwealth as the Network's Legal Services Coordinator. She received a BA from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. She lives with her family and enjoys podcasts, cooking, and making textile art.

Sarika Reuben

Sarika Reuben, Victim Services Attorney

Sarika advocates for and provides legal counsel to crime victims throughout Virginia. She comes to VVAN with a diverse background in public interest work, including serving indigent clients facing criminal charges as a public defender for the City of Richmond and assisting legal aid clients on a wide range of civil matters. Sarika has a BA from William & Mary and earned her law degree from UVA. She is excited about the opportunities the new legal services program presents for criminal justice advocacy and reform.

Robyn Sordelett

Robyn Sordelett, Improving Criminal Justice Response (ICJR) Coordinator

Robyn Sordelett, M.S.W. has varied experience as a clinical social worker and as an advocate for trauma-informed care and violence prevention in multiple settings, including the criminal justice system, youth-serving organizations, and through legislative advocacy. As the ICJR Coordinator, she works with allied partners to strengthen local and regional responses to better serve survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Robyn has a BA from the University of Richmond and received her Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California. Robyn lives with her husband and three children on their farm in rural Virginia. 


Cindy Yadav, Regional Crisis Response Team Coordinator

Ms. Yadav coordinates The Network’s seven regional crisis response teams, provides training to advocates, and provides critical services to victims and/or witnesses of mass violence or other significant crimes. She began her career as a victim advocate through Americorps and worked with MADD in three states as their Victim Services Specialist. Cindy has also worked as a Victim Advocate in a District Attorney's office. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology from Sam Houston State University. Cindy and her husband have a young daughter and a yellow Labrador retriever.