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Our Justice System is, for good or ill, very much criminal-based.  However, the Crime Victim Rights Act of 2004 guarantees the rights of victims of federal crimes to be, among other rights, protected from the accused, be notified of public proceedings, the right to be heard, and to full and timely restitution.  Similarly, the Virginia Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act (also known as the Virginia Victims Bill of Rights) includes all provisions of the Federal law, along with workplace protection, safety and protective orders, financial assistance, and more.

Our professionals, all of whom have experience in the field and are passionate about advocacy and your rights, can help you to navigate:

  • The intricacies of the Criminal Justice System.
  • Your rights and ability to impact sentencing and parole imposition.
  • Opportunities to procure legal representation.
  • Avenues for recouping medical expenses.
  • The available networks for counseling.

Click Here for a comprehensive list of online resources.  To find out how to contact your local victim/witness assistance program, click here.

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