Membership and Nominating

Jackie Dean  
[email protected]

This committee plans and executes campaigns for the solicitation of new members and maintains an accurate membership list of all current members.

Public Relations

Laura Moore
[email protected]

The committee’s duties shall be to give favorable publicity about the organization and to keep the public aware of the activities of the organization and also inform and to serve as a resource about current issues and future trends in Victim/Witness Assistance.

Legislative Committee

Robin Bostic
[email protected]

The committee’s duties shall be to promote and encourage laws in connection with the purposes of the organization by recommending and advising the Board of Directors as to the initiation of legislation, the support of legislation, and the status of the laws and legislation, and to plan legislation in furtherance of the purposes of the organization and to monitor the effects of legislation.

Victim Rights

Kyanna Perkins
[email protected]

Judy Holl
[email protected]

The committee monitors issues related to the provision of services to victims of crime and informs the membership of any changes in policies or programs that affect victims’ rights. It makes recommendations for the enhancement and successful delivery of these rights to crime victims; identifies education and training needs around rights; and collaborates with the legislative committee to propose and/or advocate for laws that improve victims’ rights.